Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh, Friday! You are sooo Fabulous!

Hey all you fabulous bloggy peeps!

Now I wish you all had the same mental image I have in mind as I type my greeting!!! Especially the F- word! "Fabulous" at my house gets a whole lotta girly fun sassy attitude when said. Especially when it's my teeniest terror, Nani, saying it!

 In order for you to actually get how "Fabulously Fabulous" Nani says the word...I may need to get her on video saying it in a-l-l of her "Fabulous fabulocity"! You'd immediately smile, strike a pose with her, and then ask me if that child really is 6....or a 30 year old in a 6 year old body! LOL!!!! Her Fabulicious-ness is sooo contagious.

yes, this girl is HARD to resist!

I'm so looking fwd to the weekend. This week I've been sick and lost my voice...and going to work like this. Yep...answering calls, taking care of customers....all with only squeaks coming out. :(

Hopefully, this weekend, I can be quiety productive....or just get some rest so that I can feel 1000% better.

I got some awesome news for you!

Check it out, HERE!

So what do you think?


chksngr said...

That is a FABULOUS picture!!! I LOVE IT!!! and CONGRATS! I'm so excited for the new season of AAM...

scrappergrl said...

Congrats on the DT Arlene!! Looking forward to playing with you and getting to know you better!!